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MoneyCapsules®  Offers On Line Sharing & Learning Groups for:

Music Business Owners

New York City, April 1, 2017 -MoneyCapsules® today announced the  launch of MusicBiz Groups.

“We are excited about the launch of MusicBiz Groups,” said
Jaimie Blackman, MoneyCapsules CEO  and President of BH Wealth Management. “MusicBiz Groups will offer a venue for live online communities where music business owners can come together, learn, ask questions, and  share ideas.

Jaimie who holds an M.S.Ed., and is a Certified Wealth Strategist, writes Smart Succession, a monthly column for Music Inc. He has spoken at the NAMM Idea Center, and has participated in Yamaha’s Succession Advantage workshop. In the 1980’s Jaimie owned a school music dealership and was a NAMM member.

“What’s powerful about Jaimie’s sharing group concept is twofold: One accountability and two, support. I’ve learned a lot from such groups and I believe it will help every musical instrument retailer who participates in it.”

Chip Averwater,
Chairman, Amro Music,

Past NAMM Chairman
Author of Retail Truths

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Jaimie Blackman
Tel: 212-829-0265